lundi 2 janvier 2012

Away I go

Tonight I wanted to draw something that symbolizes the new beggining soon to come that will take me overseas once again (will say more about this soon, still can't believe it as long as I haven't bought my tickets!!). Something a bit more personal since a friend told me she likes to visit my blog but never find anything to say that would make her comment and I am quite shy when it comes to unraveling a bit more about me on this blog.

I stumbled upon this picture of Moebius on Quenched Conciousness tumblr and decided to do my own version of it... I used a graphic tablet, Illustrator and Photshop (none of which I am really good at) Ended up having quite a fun time since I did my own version but when by mistake I had a look at both the original and my drawing together it looked like an hommage style picture so I decided to show it here:

I hope my friend likes this when she sees itand I hope you will like it too. It still not very personal but sometimes a picture can say more that words.

1 commentaire:

  1. yes, i do like it. :)
    en fait j'aime bien, parce que meme si le visage est tourne vers l'avant, l'oeil regarde par ici, c'est un peu comme si t'avais pas oublie qu'on etait la quand meme, quand tu pars pour de nouvelles aventures.