mercredi 29 juin 2011

A Gecko story

geckos toes by iPhotograph

In Laos and Thailand, geckos, little lezards are everywhere around you. On the walls, on the roof, ALWAYS. On your bed, in the bread heater, in your cereals, sometimes, not because they mean to but rather because they got lost . You get used to their friendly presence, knowing they get you rid of mosquitos and other bugs, They have this tremendous power to shit from the roof. You will often enter a room, to find a tiny stick, luscious and shiny, on your seat, your pillow, your food. In this, they totally rock Spiderman’s powers. They are not really picky in terms of target, they ll just shit wherever they want to. So basically at night, when you lay in your bed, panting at the growing heat, mouth open,  every breath you take, you get fresh air into your lungs, but you also you get a chance to receive gecko shit on your mouth. That’s just the way things are in South East Asia.

Credit photo: geckos toes, a photo by iPhotograph on Flickr.