samedi 5 mars 2011

Contes et légendes

Découvrir un pays c'est aussi partir a la rencontre de ses légendes, ses traditions, son imaginaire collectif.

J'ai acheté ce livre pour enfants édité par Bigbrothermouse parce que j'ai été a la fois effrayée et fascinée a la vue de la couverture. Plus tard, mes amis laos m'ont lu l'histoire et expliqué que c'est un conte traditionnel laos,  que je qualifierai a la limite du gore, mais aussi plein d'humour.

D'une manière générale les étrangers qui passent assez de temps ici constatent que de nombreux tabous de la société occidentale ne sont pas présents ici, et a l'inverse des choses tout a fait naturelles en France sont ici des tabous absolus.  Le conte traditionnel relate ici devrait illustrer mes propos. Il ne s'agit pas du conte du livre qui est un peu diffèrent mais de l'histoire racontée par une amie lao qui fait appel a ses souvenirs d'enfance.

"Once upon a time, a man from a village went fishing. While he was fishing by the river, a woman phibob (spirit) arrived and was going to hurt him. But then she said, if you marry me, I will not hurt you. So the man and her went to leave in a cave and got married. They had a baby. Every day, the phibob went out to fish and hunt, and she left her husband with the baby by locking them up in the cave. 

One day, he asked if he could go out with the baby because he was tired of staying in the cave. She accepted but when she left, he ran away and left the baby behind.  

When the phibob came back, she looked for him everywhere and couldn't find him, so she went out and looked for him in the forest. She ran faster than him so when he saw her coming, he put his head in a hole to hide. When the phibob saw him, she could only see his behind, and thought he was dead. 

She felt very sad and cried, and as a tribute to her beloved husband she left a magical dish. 

When she left, her husband ran to his village with the magical dish. He discovered that the particularity of this dish was that he got endlessly getting full of gold. The man became the wealthiest man of the village.

One day a friend visited him and asked the man about his wealth and was shown the magical dish. Immediately the neighbor said he wanted to get the same, so the man told him about his adventure. "it's easy just go to fish in the river and do exactly what i did" The friend immediately took off to get his own magical dish too. Hewent by the river, and exactly like his friend predicted, a  phibob woman arrived and took him back to her cave to make him his husband. They lived together and had a baby until one day the man asked for the permission to go out with the baby and then ran away. Again, the phibob went looking for him and saw him hiding in a hole. Again thinking he was dead, she cried for being so unlucky and looking her beloved husbands twice. he was getting ready to make a gift in honor of her husband when he farted. Understanding she had been tricked and that he was alive, she reached for  for his guts through his behind and ate him."

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